Friday, April 6, 2012

He is there.

Feeling compelled to share this today: 

(excerpt from On The Wings of Gratitude) 

"...God was with him on that tractor. God was with him when he fell. God was with him when his sweet, six-year-old spirit passed over. God was with me as I screamed. God was with me every single moment before and after that tragic moment, and He was there as my life set off on a much different course than I ever could’ve imagined." 

God was there in the moment leading up to Jesus being arrested. God was there as Jesus endured massive torture. God was there as the nails went into Jesus' flesh. God was there as Mary cried out in grief. God was there as the cross was hoisted up. 

God was there. God was there. God was there

If God was there, what makes you think He's not there in your life now? Why do you doubt that He is there right now standing with you in the pain you are surrounded by this very moment? 

He is. 

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