Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Can't

"Don't listen to that voice in your head telling you 'I can't.' Don't give it that much power." ~Judy Blume

I'm guessing if you're reading this blog right now you have had at least one moment when you've told yourself "I can't." I'm also guessing you've probably not just stopped at the "I can't"  and have allowed that voice take control of many situations in your past and present. 

We are human. This what we do when the doubts creep up and tattoo themselves wherever we will let them stay. 

What voice are you listening to right now? Who has control of your mind as you are reading this blog? Is it the voice that tells you "You're a victim?" Is the voice that is saying "You're a VICTOR!" 

The voice we listen to is the voice that controls our lives, our jobs, our relationships, and our destiny. 

I will admit to having many voices talking to me at the same time. Each of them trying to gain control of my mind and what I believe. 

Recently on twitter and FB we posted this: Whatever you have the power to believe has the power to become your reality. #onthewingsofgratitude

This is the truth. If you are letting a negative voice talk to you all day, everyday, it's not surprising that your life is full of negative situations and relationships. 

You can practice being conscious over that voice and change what it's telling you: 

I can. 
I will. 
I can choose. 
I am loved. 
I am worth it. 
I am beautiful. 
I am a leader. 
I have a purpose. 
I have a great destiny. 
I am not afraid. 

Some ways that I have done this myself is creating sticky notes and posting them everywhere (work, car, mirror, laptop) or I have taken a marker and written positive messages to myself on the mirror so I see them when I get ready each morning. Other people have created calendar reminders that include positive messages.  

Any of the #gratitude exercises that we've done over the past 5 years (365 Days of Gratitude, 40 Days of Thankfulness Challenge, 3 for 3 Gratitudes) is also a great way to remind yourself of the goodness in your life and all of the accomplishments that you hold. 

People around you are not always going to tell you these things and some may even be constantly working to tear you down. You cannot wait a minute longer to wait for someone to tell you these things. You need to start now because you ARE worth it! 

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