Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Everyday we wake up, rush to get kids and ourselves out the door and on into our day. If we let it, it can be exhausting- If we LET it. 

Everyday we meet and greet each other. Some do not put our best selves forward. Some spread hate and negativity. Some gossip and some are the subject of that gossip. If we let it, those words can get the best of you - If we LET it.  

Everyday we are asked to take care of our responsibilities. Everyday we must work, parent, and at times give more than we think is fair. If we let it, those expectations can set us up to be bitter and angry -  If we LET it. 

Everyday something in our path tries to pull us doen: bills, chores, lost items, lost jobs, failed marriages, anger, bitterness, frustration, disappointment, fighting, lonliness. These things can bring us down  IF WE LET IT. 

Be willing. 
Honor people as yourself. 
Plant seeds in your life. Serve. 
Be GRATEFUL for all that you DO have and those things you DO NOT have. 

Because he ROSE for me, I CHOOSE to RISE for HIM. 

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