Friday, May 25, 2012

Believe, Be, Live

Don't just do all the things you say you believe in. BE, LIVE what you say. Otherwise it's a LIE. 

As I walked to my office this morning, I passed a co-worker that I adore. She is such an example, but as a teacher right now she is stressed.

She was saying good morning and then explaining to me why her eye was watering. She had her first win during her tennis season and at some point injured her eye. Then, she said something that made me stop in my tracks. 

I #love those moments. I live for those moments. 

She said in regards to her tennis season, "I thought my tie was my win." 

You may be living in love, gratitude, joy, and surrender. You may already feel abundantly blessed, but then one day you are enlightened and in awe that God has something even greater in store - a win.

It's hard for us to wrap our minds around the fact that God DOES have something better for us. At times we feel undeserving and maybe even guilty for having more. 

Or we may be down on ourselves or our circumstances and just when we think God has given us all we need we wake up and BAM! There's the real win. 

Sometimes what looks like our worst moment really is a victory! 

We have to be and live what we say we believe. We can read, write or say one thing and live something completely different. We can pass on wisdom and advice to others, but in order to be a true leader we have to be what we believe. 

We cannot say we will walk in faith if our words are a living contradiction to our lives and we choose to worry about everything instead of faithfully giving it to God. 

We cannot say "We dislike drama." and the first chance we get create drama for those around us. 

We cannot say we "We want loyal friends." if we are not willing to be a loyal friend. 

We cannot say "We are a loving person." if we are sending out hate and prejudice each day of our lives. 

I want you to look in the mirror right now. Go. Look. Is that person staring back at you doing their best to live what they believe? 

How can you expect God to give you more if you aren't willing to give up more of yourself and your ego? 

Be, live what you say you believe. That's  when God is able to show you a REAL win. 

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