Sunday, May 6, 2012

Perception (is hardly ever) Reality

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It's reeks of truth, doesn't it? 

Hindsight is 20/20. We often build ourselves up to a grandiose idea of what something will be (like parenting) and then the harsh reality (of no sleep and parents who've not showered) hits. 

This process holds true for much of our lives, relationships, daily encounters, friendships, and work relationships. Nothing ever turns out exactly as we envision or hope. The sooner we stop believing it will the better we will deal with the reality of the situation. 

Perception vs. Reality.

The past few weeks have, personally, taught me something about this and I'm sure God has a reason for it continually popping up here and there. 

What we see or hear isn't always the truth. We have to be careful of what we perceive and make sure that we are not making more out of the situation than should be made. Most of our 'problems' are created in our minds because we are swayed from the reality of the circumstances and allow our own perceptions to be our "truth."

We may believe that we are great friends with someone and find out that our thought of that friendship is much different that what our friend really thinks. 

We may believe that a relationship means more than it really does for the other person. 

Perhaps we think that just because someone has already achieved the same dream we have, that we should quit. 

Maybe we tell ourself that we are barely making ends meet so there is NO WAY we can give to anyone but ourselves right now. 

It's always hard to see the reality if we are standing inside of the chaos. 

For the past few weeks, our church has been in a series called "The Voice." The voice we are listening to is a very important part of which we choose to believe: the reality or our perception. It can make or break how you respond or react next. 

This morning our pastor talked of Matthew 14: 22-33

Jesus told the disciples to get into the boat. The boat is far out into the sea, the wind blowing around them. Imagine being a disciple and wondering why Jesus would put you in the middle of a storm? 

He sees the "sea" you're in at this very moment. The waves might be churning and the wind gusting all around you. He may seem distant, but be confident that he is purposefully distant from you in order to teach you. Distant doesn't mean he's left you alone. Again, don't let that voice win over your thoughts. 

He's waiting for you to "walk out into the sea" and trust Him. Don't look down at your feet because you WILL start to sink exactly as Peter did. Instead, look straight ahead at the reality you know, full of faith, and step up. 

Wherever you are standing now, right here, be confident that He is standing at your next level waiting for you to walk. 

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  1. "...And the waves are calling out my name & they laugh at me. Reminding me of all the times I tried before & failed. The waves keep on telling me time & time again, you'll never win! You'll never win! BUT THE VOICE OF TRUTH TELLS ME A DIFFERENT STORY. THE VOICE OF TRUTH SAYS 'DO NOT BE AFRAID' AND THE VOICE OF TRUTH SAYS 'THIS IS FOR MY GLORY'. OUT OF ALL THE VOICES CALLING OUT TO ME, I WILL CHOOSE TO LISTEN AND BELIEVE THE VOICE OF TRUTH" - Casting Crowns