Thursday, May 24, 2012

She is Loved

"She has written on her heart, words that cover up the scars. A perfect imperfection, she is a story to be told." 

"She is strong enough to stand, fearless because of where she's been. She's learned but not forgotten. She is believing in a dream of love that's possible to reach. Nothing's gonna stop her now." 

"She is YOU and you are loved. The story's been re-written and YOU ARE LOVED." 

~You are Loved performed by @whitneycraft 
Photo by @christinecaine

Be yourself. 

Easier said than done, right? 

One of the most difficult things to overcome as a women is to remember you are worthy, you are beautiful, you are smart, you are changing lives, and you are IRREPLACEABLE. 

It's easy to listen to the lies, but we all have to remember that we have been equipped to overcome every single challenge ever put in front of us. (@hollywagnerLA)

The problem is that the enemy (and if you doubt it's the enemy, call me. Let's talk)  makes us question ourselves every day. If we don't surround ourselves with those who lift us up or keep a flow of positivity going through our ears and eyes and thoughts all day, it's easy to be shaken by that doubt. 

Fear. The one thing I say in almost every circumstance is this: Feel the fear and do it anyway. 

Allow yourself to feel the fear. To feel the fear is to acknowledge it. Don't stop there. Once you've felt it, do it anyway. I challenge myself to do something I'm afraid to do once a day. Some days it's small, some it's bigger than I ever expected. It keeps me feeling alive and grateful. To "do it anyway" requires a certain amount of courage. That courage is a choice. (@hollywagnerLA)

We have to remind ourselves everyday of our courage and the abundant love we are given. When we do this for ourselves our hearts open up so that we can restore those that we meet. It's one thing to open up your heart for someone, but it's a more magnificent story when you restore those who need it.  

Everyone we meet has a story or a struggle. Love them anyway. Don't shrink back in the shadows or in the dark. Open up to others. Walk forward and RISE. 

From experience, I know that serving and helping others can heal those wounds that are still gaping open. Every single "random" meeting you have with someone is really a divine meeting. 

There are no coincidences. People in the airport, on the same flight, parents with kids in the same class are yours, the clerk at the local gas station - they all have crossed paths with you for a reason. You've been planted firmly in their path to be a light just as they've been placed in yours. 

Don't get distracted. Don't listen to the voices telling you different. You ARE loved and with that love you can make a difference in someone else's life. 

You are like no one else for a reason. You've been through different situations for a reason. Don't doubt the very place you are standing. The bigger picture is that while you stand there, someone is looking to you for guidance, love, and light. 

You are loved. Pass it on.

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