Saturday, May 12, 2012

To My Children

You  won't be blown away by these words right now. Your little ears, your little eyes, your teen mind - they aren't ready for these words. 

But one day, they will be. 

Forever, I will LOVE every gift you ever give to me. Above anything I ever receive your love will be the most cherished gift. The first time I looked into your eyes you healed me with that love and every time I look at you now I'm reminded of the privilege I've been given to be your mom. 

Homemade picture frames, hand-printed cards, funny hats with duct tape flowers, poems straight from your little heart  - they will always be a treasure to me. They will always remind me of the love you put into every single one of them and how proud you were to present it to me! 

There are also some things that you give me that are priceless when compared to a gift card, pedicure, or another expensive gift. When I see you giving these things I have never been so proud of you. 

HONOR: Honoring me will teach you how to honor yourself and your GOD. Honor and respect teaches you discipline in your actions and your thoughts. Honor will freeze your ego and agenda dead in it's tracks and will remind you that it's not all about you. 

GRATITUDE: Gratitude for what you have now will teach you that if you take care of the things you have now, you'll be trusted with more. Gratitude will teach you that it's not about the STUFF but more about the way you handled or treated the stuff. Gratitude to me and your GOD no matter what you posses or are going through teaches you to preserver though ALL things. 

LOVE: I want to teach you to LOVE. I want you to love yourself, love your parents, love your neighbors, your friends, your teachers, your peers, your mentors, your work, and your GOD. Above all else LOVE can change lives, decisions, and outlook. 

HUMILITY: Life, trials, struggles, change - it's NOT always about YOU. BE mindful that ALL of your actions and choices will affect someone else and you'll be responsible no matter the outcome. By teaching you humility, you learn to be humble in everything you do and in turn you will be able to see other perspectives rather than just your own. GOD is with you through ALL and that should be the most humbling lesson of all. 

GRACE: As your parents, I want to teach you the same grade that I've been shown throughout my life. Everyone deserves a second chance to prove themselves. Forgiveness is a gift to the forgiving and the forgiven. Every day that you wake up, remember that GOD'S GRACE has given you another day to get it right and to pass on that same grace to others. 

FAITH: I hope to teach you to clinging to faith in ALL circumstances. "Faith like a mustard seed . . . " is stepping out when no one else does or stepping up when no one else will. Faith means trust and at times trust cannot be seen nor heard. Faith in GOD can pull you out of a valley and set you atop the highest of mountains in a matter of moments. Faith in yourself, your dreams and your GOD is a must and I hope I've taught you to never waiver in your doubts. Faith is knowing GOD will always do what's best for you. ALWAYS. 

These lessons are my legacy to pass on to you. My hope is that you will live by them every day of your life. 


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