Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Power of a Vision

I would love to tell you that all of your visions will become reality, but the truth is they probably won't. Sometimes we don't act upon those visions or take the steps to make them happen. Sometimes our visions aren't in line with God's plan for us. Sometimes our visions are selfish and only benefit us. 

You should know I'm a huge believer in vision, though. While in college (circa 1995) I started a vision collage. I have a total of 5 collages now where I've pasted words, pictures, phrases and dreams for my life. I told myself I was beautiful, gorgeous, rare, special, wonderful and important because even though others said it, I still didn't believe it. 

I paid careful attention to what I dreamed. I hung the collages up in my dorm room, apartment, first house, second house, on the mirror of the bathroom and anywhere I thought I would see it often. 

Many of my dreams/visions actually happened. I did meet Harry Connick, Jr. and New Kids on the Block. My dining room table is the exact table I pasted on my first collage. I did make the President's List and a 4.0 every semester my last 2 years as a college student. 

I did strive daily to be an extraordinary teacher. I was  rejected by the Freedom Writers camp, but did recieve an autographed copy of the book with a very sweet personalized note from Erin Gruwell. I told myself that I was unstoppable, sophisticated, strong, wise, and that I could do anything. 

I am writing that book that it says I would write. It's taking longer than I'd expected, but the truth is I never set a deadline. That changes now. 

Some of my dreams happened by chance and some of them I had to act upon before I got a response. But the quote holds true: whatever you have the passion to envision has the ability to become your reality. 

So about six years ago, I sat in my classroom watching my students await summer vacation with the sound of the last bell. I asked a senior student I'd have several years in a row what he planned to do that day, his first day of "freedom." His response, "I think I'm going to take my mom to the movies." 

I have no idea what it was, but in that moment I felt something I had never felt before. Maybe it was the endearing way he said it or the fact that he was choosing to spend time with his mom over his friends or girlfriend. Suddenly, that student's sweet affection for his mom made me wish I had a boy. 

Now at that particular time in my life, I knew with great certainty that having a boy was impossible. So, I tucked that thought away and decided to never bring it up again. 

Fast forward many moons. I found myself a divorced mom of 2 sweet girls trying to find my footing once again. Still not thinking of that tucked away dream, God dropped an amazing man in my path. As our relationship progressed, he voiced his dream of having a baby someday. NO! What is he thinking! 

After we were married, we decided to take some time before adding to our family. Here's a video that tells how that all turned out. 

The point you ask? The point is that sometimes a vision you thought was impossible ends up being your reality. Don't count those dreams and visions out. Don't buy into the defeat. Don't allow yourself to give up on those dreams or visions - ever. Don't allow yourself to give up on God's plan for your life. 

I say this not to be boastful, but to tell you that from experience God has taken really horrible experiences and situations and made them amazing. Every. Single. Time. 

Here's my reality and my "cherry on top": 

28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. ~Romans 8:28

#gratitude in all things. 

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