Monday, December 3, 2012

Birthday of Hope!

One of our favorite traditions during the month of Decrmber is "Random Acts of Kindness."
There are a bazillion versions and ideas out there. I love teaching my kids how kindness can change a person's demeanor in a split second even if that person doesn't seem to "deserve" it. 

We've done various things each year: pay for the person behind us in the grocery store, pick up newspapers in front of the school, hold the door open for an extra 5 minutes, surprise someone with their favorite drink during the work day, bake cookies and share them for no reason.........

We ran across this one on Pinterest. It's a little more involved, but a great read: 

Last year for my birthday, I asked many of you to give in the name of adoption. 
I was amazed at your generosity! Instead of taking time to fill up my Facebook wall with alerts (which I do love), you decided to GIVE! For a month, I received postcards or emails from the organizations to which you donated. It was AWESOME! 

This year I'm asking you to GIVE again. However, this year I'd like you go GIVE the gift HOPE in whatever form that may take. $20 to a single-working mom, paying something forward, donating toys or clothes, putting up lights for someone who can't, holding the door open longer than normal or just taking time to call someone you haven't called lately to remind them of your love. 

Your GIVING isn't measured by the AMOUNT you give, but by the love and hope behind your GIFT. 

There are people we pass daily who have lost hope. There are those who feel like their world has lost hope and as a result they have lost hope in their future. There are those that feel unloved, lost or unimportant. 

Yesterday in church, I sat behind a family visiting for the first time, I'm sure. I immediately began praying for them and for God to work around them and in them. I could feel their walls up and their skepticism from my seat or as we greeted one another. I caught glimpses of them exchanging glances when different topics were brought up in the message "The Sound of Hope." 

I continued to pray and by the end of the service when time for the invitation, 3 of the 5 of them went up after praying a prayer of salvation. THAT was HOPE for me! I watched God work a situation that seemed impossible at the beginning into a message of hope for me and for THEM. 

Nothing is impossible! If you have the means to inspire people and give them hope, why are you not? You don't have to rich, you don't have to be in the limelight, you don't have to do anything extravagant. Hope can take a simple act and turn it into a different life. 

Wednesday is my birthday. I'll be 36. I'm asking for 36 of you to agree to take time to give hope to someone on this day. I'm asking that instead of texts, tweets, or FB messages of birthday wishes, that you'll instead share with me your gift of hope! Share with me how the person on the other end responded and how giving hope made your day better or inspired YOU! 

So, please don't say Happy Birthday. :) #HOPE


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