Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Where Do We Belong

If we aren't at home or at the clinic, we often feel left out, out of the loop, or just not part of a group. We feel the stares when we are out or feel that some just are more wrapped up in themselves than to even think about what we are dealing with daily. 

It's hard to explain, but it's more difficult as each day passes to feel worlds apart from those around us. 

Here are a few thoughts I had one day after going into Toys R Us with Jace, but it applies to many places we go daily:  

it's a lonely place from where i stand
your stares are silent yet drown out the rumble of laughter and noise

are you brave enough to say anything or will your eyes and thoughts be forced to something more joyful?

it's too sad for you,  yet it's my everyday. 

your presence is faded and your absence says more than you ever could.

I know we are not the only parents who feel this, whose lives have changed, and who are different people than the ones who started this journey. 

It's for that reason alone I write about our perspective. 


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