Wednesday, October 2, 2013

10 Minute Hospital Workout

Living healthy is something I've always tried to strive for. Early on, I remember exercising and eating right being a part of my life. My dad use to buy crazy "health" food and I loved it.

 It wasn't always easy to be healthy and active because depending on the seasons of my life I would battle myself and my mindset. "I don't have time. I do have time. I can't do this. I can do this." Most of the time the only obstacle I had was myself. 

There was a point I was a size 6 (high school AND after baby #2) and there was a point when I was a size 16 (after baby #1). Today, I don't worry as much about what the scale says as much as I do about putting good things in my body and being active daily. 

But what if you're a caregiver? What if you find yourself in and out of hospitals? What if you're also juggling a full time job? What if most of your time and energy is given to caring for a sick child? 
Moms are busy no matter what, but I can tell you those of us affected by childhood cancer have a lot to juggle. 

So why workout? 

You KNOW this answer. 

You CAN'T take care of others if you don't take care of yourself. 

You WILL have more energy. 

Your mind set will be more positive. 

Your stress level will lower. 

You'll be more likely to focus and tackle your day. 

Your body, mind and spirit will be more aligned. 

You're more likely to eat better when you workout. 

We have made it a priority to workout at least 3-5 times a week since Jace was diagnosed. We don't have extra money for expensive gym memberships and so we do things at home like DDP yoga or basketball or just walk the track for an hour. 

When we are really short  on time, we do this little ten minute workout. We call it our "Hospital Room Workout" because it's all things you can do while passing time at the hospital. We even do it on early clinic days. 

If you can, do it TWICE to get your heft pumping!!! :))) 

Hospital Room Workout
(for Caregivers) 

1 minute down dog
25 crunches
1 min plank or  30 second plank
25 high knees
10 push-ups (adv single leg) 
10 squats
15 burpees
1 minute  wall sit
30 second calf raises
1 min squat punches
Cat lift/cat arch or upward facing dog

Repeat depending on time. 20 min workout is ideal if short on time. 

Live healthy DESPITE your circumstances!!! 


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