Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Operation Love

Jason and I are proud to introduce a new project we've been working on for a while. After being caregivers to #SuperJace the past few months as he went through intense chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), we realized there wasn't a lot of support for the caregivers (or siblings). After an amazing experience at Camp John Marc and several months of discussion with our clinic nurses, it was evident that caregivers NEED someone speaking love, life, and hope into their days. Especially into their days. The job is, frankly, more exhausting than you can even imagine. Just when you think you might get a break, typically, things just get more difficult or so it seems in the moment. 

Jason and I have been so incredibly blessed to have so many people around us from work, church and the community to speak life and victory into our days, especially on the hardest of days. We know not everyone has that support and we want to pay it all forward. Our vision for now is to help those affected by childhood cancer, but this past week God revealed that so many caregivers need this. 

I was able to speak with a local Youth Leadership Team and a women's church group, recently. Both have graciously agreed to help us launch our project. We are SO thankful to them! Also, A big thank you to everyone who helped plan this project while we were still in the middle of intense treatment. And to Josh, who continues to help us with his graphical design talent. :)

We are calling it "Operation Love" 

On the Wings of Gratitude’s  (www.onthewingsofgratitude.com) mission is to make life easier and more comfortable for families of childhood cancer, to love on families, & speak life, hope and love into their lives. After going through a leukemia diagnosis with our own son, Jace, we realized that their was very little support for the families and siblings during our journey. We also saw a need for continued support outside of the hospital and clinic. With the help of the community, school organizations, church groups, and individual donations, we can empower the families with hope, gratitude, and affirmation that they are not alone in their journey.  

What is it?

Chemo Care Kits and Gratitude Bags give people a tangible way to help families affected by childhood cancer and helps to bring awareness of a growing need to not only support the kids, but their families and siblings. The impact of families is much deeper than the cancer, chemo and hospital stays. Items do not have to be expensive to have a great impact.

Here is an example of the postcard we will put in the bags/baskets: 

How can YOU help?
Drop off locations will be created so items can be dropped off.
With the help of volunteers, items will be organized in a chemo care kit for families on both Dallas/Legacy Campuses of Children’s Medical Center.
Other items will be organized in smaller “Gratitude Bags” for the families who attend out-patient treatment on both Dallas/Legacy Campuses of Children’s Medical Center.
Item List (You can donate 1 single item or multiple items.)
*Please ensure items are new and packaged. Devices or other expensive items can be donated directly to Tisha or Jason for cleaning or safe keeping before delivery. )
  1. Purple tissue paper (any shade) for bags
  2. Purple gift bags (any size)
  3. Clear or Brown gift bags (any size)
  4. Rolls of quarters
  5. Travel size laundry soap
  6. Laundry bag
  7. Travel size shampoo & conditioner
  8. Travel size toothpaste, toothbrush, & mouthwash
  9. Travel size deodorant
  10. Chap stick
  11. Socks for men or women ( or kids)
  12. Men and/or women razors
  13. Nail Clippers, nail file, nail polish remover
  14. Q tips
  15. Cotton balls
  16. Ponytail holders
  17. Socks or slippers
  18. Blankets
  19. Water bottles (small)
  20. Granola bars
  21. Fruit snacks
  22. Chips
  23. Popcorn
  24. Candy
  25. Hot chocolate packets with a mug
  26. Instant items for microwave cooking
  27. Travel speakers or headphones
  28. Thank you cards & pens/markers
  29. Envelopes & stamps
  30. Packs of paper, stationary or construction paper
  31. Scotch tape
  32. Food gift cards, iTunes gift cards, VISA gift cards for gas/toll expenses/parking
  33. Any extra used IPads/IPhone chargers
  34. DVDs
  35. Older iphone, ipad, or ipod devices that can be reset for patient/family use

When and Where? 
Current Drop Off Locations/Dates:
  • December Drop Off - TBD
  • January Drop Off - TBD
  • Mailed-In Donations PO Box 6, Celina, Texas 75009

*1st target delivery date is December 5.
*Additional drop off locations will be announced when they become available.
**All advertising for this project needs to be pre-approved by Tisha & Jason Poncio.
For inquiry on advertising, kit contents, or speaking engagements, please contact onthewingsofgratitude@gmail.com.
"The smallest acts of kindness and love can have a giant impact."

Jason and I want to thank you all in advance for your donations. We know that many families will be blessed to know they are not alone and are thought of and prayed for even if they didn't realize it!

So, as you're stocking up on Thanksgiving items, food drive items, or even stocking stuffers, throw in a few of the items listed above and help us love on others!

Big love and gratitude,

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  1. Incredible idea. I spend nearly as much time agonizing over my other kids and the lack of joy/attention in their lives currently as I do worrying about my ALL kid.