Monday, March 31, 2014

No Make Up Selfie Misses the Mark

Disclaimer: This is my opinion and only that. I've always, always, always been of the thought to DO something (I'm a do-er) in order to help. 

The No-Makeup Selfies for Cancer Awareness on social media: 


You know I'm about awareness, but with the follow up that TOGETHER we will DO SOMETHING. 

I read this article today and thought it was pretty eye opening. 

And here's one from TIME that you should read to see how it all got started. 

I really didn't think much of it until they started appearing more often. 

I think many times we miss the mark when it comes to awareness. Unfortunately, social media oftentimes HELPS us miss the mark, don't you think?

Based on several of my talks with audiences of all ages, pretty much every single person has been affected by cancer and is aware of its devastation already. Many of us who are living in the awareness everyday are also trying to do something to help those just like us. 

If you aren't sure WHAT to do, ASK us. There are a lot of ways to help create a wave of awareness. If you're not sure if your money or donations are actually HELPING cancer patients, ASK. Most of us are in the know of the BEST ways to help and which organizations are going to truly to use the money/donations for those affected. 

In 26 days, we will walk/run with Super Jace and try to raise money to give back to the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, our home away from home aka "the clinic." Our goal was $2,000. We have $50. We are attending the event whole-heartedly no matter how much we raise because when given the opportunity we will ALWAYS be all in to help the cancer community. 

Is this about money? No. Is this about awareness? Yes. Is this about actually helping REAL people in a REAL struggle? Yes. Do I know that even your $1 donation will go DIRECTLY to the place that has helped us for the last 15 months? Yes. Should you pick and choose the right way to help that works for you? Yes. 

Do I think posting selfies is the same level of brave as those I know who have fought? 
Not. At. All. 


Team Super Jace - Red Balloon Run & Ride, April 26, 2014

always in love and gratitude,

Thursday, March 20, 2014


That smile = HAPPY. 

In honor of International Happiness Day and the beginning of SPRING, we decided to blog a little HAPPY for YOU! :) 

This week has been a good one! Jace is feeling good. His counts are as "high as a rainbow." (his words) We have some great things to look forward to in the future. 

We may not have told you, but Jace was selected as the Honorary Hero for the Silver Dollar at the Ranch event. This event benefits pediatric cancer initiatives. Jace was selected back in November, but most of the events will take place in May. 

We are looking forward to a little baseball game and the event in May and the possibility of joining our Silver Dollar friends possibly on a local morning show. :) 

Here's the ad that will show in the Frisco Style magazine soon. If you'd like to join us and purchase tickets, please visit:

We also have had a few articles out in the newspapers. In October, someone contacted us about doing a story on how our hometown has embraced Super Jace during his long road with leukemia. The "Forever Changed" is found below. 

October Article: 
Forever Changed 

Then, recently, we were contacted again. We weren't sure which direction they would take our story, but we were so pleased with the "Paying it Forward" article below. They chose to spotlight our work on Operation Love. You can find out more about this at the top of this page. Click on the Operation Love tab. We are hoping to continue to grow and be able to help caregivers a little at a time. 
Surprisingly, today during our clinic visit, we realized that our story was NOT just in our local paper, but ALSO in the Plano paper! Our nurses were so proud! They had a copy and want to frame and hang it! (We love them JUST as much as they were part inspirations for our idea!) 
The most recent article can be found below.

March Article: 
Paying it Forward 

Jace Poncio Benefit
Last month, a group of amazing students and teachers put together a benefit concert, silent auction and meal for us. It was such an amazing night of talent. And, though, we had to leave just a tad earlier than we expected due to a fever and ER visit, we were so incredibly thankful and humbled by the people that were present. A big thank you to all involved with putting the event together. 

And last, but not least, this weekend we will be celebrating a birthday. Birthdays are always fun, but around here we do our best to make them as special as the person celebrating! (More on that later!) 

Big love & gratitude during your first spring weekend! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Behind Closed Doors

It's been a few weeks since I've blogged. The last post "Unapologetic" had a lot more response than I expected. I got messages from so many people, comments, and emails came through from many of you who "get it." Or many of you who couldn't believe that people would actually be nasty and negative during an already exhausting journey. 

You can rest assured that I am not angry. I wasn't angry for very long, but as a "mama bear" when I hear what people have been saying to my girls, well, that's another version of Tisha that you'll see. 

Moving on. . . 

The last month has been a struggle. A struggle is an understatement even as we know the struggle IS worth it. Honestly, in this moment of this journey, when most everyone has disappeared, stopped interacting with us, stopped daily reading, this is the hardest. 

I knew this, though. 

Many of you know that I've been down this type of journey before. Losing a young brother at a young age, I saw a lot more and learned a lot more than I wanted to about grief, tragedy, emotional trauma, and people. 

My heart has always ached for those going through grief. I've always had a nudge in my heart to help people like me. 

I didn't expect this journey to feel the same and it does. I knew I would feel vulnerable, just as I did before, but this time I'm so much more aware of it all. 

So often people will comment "You're one day closer to the end!" 

Nope. Anyone who has gone through any trauma in their lives knows that is a myth. 

There is no end. This doesn't just stop. Chemo continues for another 1 1/2 years. So, yeah, that'll be over, but to say THIS will be over. Nope. 

I've been doing some research on this and have learned that many who have gone through this cancer journey also have to overcome what many deal with as post traumatic stress disorder. I've never really tied the two together, but an amazing conversation with 2 amazing women who've also experienced loss pointed it out to me. 

There will always be anxiety about dr appointments, blood tests, simple illnesses....We will always feel the need to "look over our shoulder" in a sense. 

We will always be working through the emotional trauma of all of this. 

What I know now after a LOT of talks with our 13 year old is this: Not everyone will be able to handle being our friend. Not everyone will want to. It's a heavy load to be a friend during this heavy time. Don't hold it against them. Just know that God will bring to you who He knows you need in the exact time you need it. 


{Our day yesterday}

Picnic Day. 

Jace: What's a picnic? 

Yep. It's been that long since we've gone on one. 

After we pulled into the parking space at a pretty cool park, Jace looked around and said "Can we go somewhere with less people? It's so crowded. It scares me." 

Once at the smaller park with no people, we eat. I can see the anxiety on his face. He even says, "Are you sure this is a good idea?" 

We eat, clean up and the girls shriek in delight to go play. 

"Mama, I don't want to to do that. I'll fall."
"I don't want to swing again, It scares me."

My heart drops. He's missed out on so much and this has affected more than just his body. Lord, please give me the wisdom and tools to be able to help these little people through all of this BIG stuff. 

It's already been a long steroid week. His food of choice = Chick Fil A. 15 miles away one way. 

Though, the month has already been better than the last (catch up here, it's still not easy. Being "alert" every second of every day is exhausting for all of us. 

He yells more. He hits more. He sleeps less. His outbursts cannot be predicted which means we are very strategic about where we go and what we do. 

Steroid week usually means he wants Jason at night to sleep with him (on the floor) and during the day it's me or Avery that he insists on having at his beck and call. 

All the while, we remind ourselves -- it's the steroids. 

So, we pack up to go to our next stop. The girls had been excited about a thrift store visit.
We went in and their faces already seemed defeated. 

5 minutes in and Jace started crying that his feet hurt and he needed to be carried. So, we load up to leave. 

These are the moments no one knows about. The pull as a mom on the one hand wanting to make the week break fun for the girls and the other pull as a mom to get Jace through this week - again. The stress on siblings having to change what they want to do at a moment's notice. 

We drive home in silence. Jace gets angry. More silence. We all know we are at the end of our rope. 

Thankfully, Maddie had a sleepover. We dropped her off. Jace was mad about that, too. 

We got home and collapsed. 

Before the night is over, I think of a way to redeem some time with Avery. So, we head off to the store alone. We have a great time shopping and laughing. The drive home is hysterical as it always is with her. 


The call. Jason: Jace has a fever. Again. 

The unspoken rules fall into play. The laughter stops. Plans have to be made just in case. Packing has to start just in case. 

This is our life. Everyday. 

"It's scary, mama, when Jace has a fever or is sick. It scares me when he has to go to the hospital or clinic. We always have to be separated and pack and don't know what's going to happen. It's hard doing this journey. " 

How I ended my night was rocking my girl who was crying through her words. 

Over? It has never once stopped. 

Neither has our love for each other or for him. It never will.