Monday, May 5, 2014

Yellow Wednesdays, Operation Love, Pudge Rodriguez & FI8HT

A little bit of everything today: 

Find a Yellow shirt to wear for #yellowWednesdays and #childhoodcancerawareness! Help us and join us in bringing as much as awareness for children as #pink for #breastcancerawareness! Be ready to use the hashtags so we can see your photos of YELLOW! 

Operation Love has a new drive going! May 5-9 drop off your small items at Celina HS! Many students are helping with this drive so we can take more care bags to caregivers at Children's Hospital and Cook's Children's! For more info visit our page: Operation Love 

Jace and Pudge Rodriguez
Jace had a busy day yesterday! He was able to go to the Frisco Roughrider's game and hang out with Pudge Rodriguez! Pudge and the RR were awesome! A big thanks to Sherry Hale for getting us out there and to Pudge, the RR's and Dawn Nuefeld for being amazing during Jace's time as honorary hero for Silver Dollar at the Ranch. The event is May 17th! Please visit their website to purchase tickets and join us for a night of fun and giving! 

Jace, Pudge, Rough Riders, Dawn
Jace, Tisha, Dawn

Lastly, Jace is the weekly warrior of FI8HT, an amazing company bringing awareness to those around them! We happened to find Fi8HT on Etsy and ordered Jace a "Little Fighter" shirt. He loved it so much and it reflected how we felt about his journey. Now they are featuring a weekly warrior and that warrior gets to pick a charity of their choice! For every order that comes in this week, $7 will go to our favorite organization, Peach's Neet Feet. Please visit their website and order for those little fighters you know (cancer, autism, diabetes):

Big love and thanks for ALL of your support out there! Together we will find a cure and create awareness so that no one can look away! 

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