Wednesday, August 19, 2015

September - Childhood Cancer "We Don't Fight Alone"

We are excited about September because this is the month we can be EXTRA LOUD about voicing our support for kids like Jace and reminding others how important childhood cancer awareness is to all of the kids & families affected. We try to give you a glimpse into what families like us experience and all the challenges that pop up along the journey.

This year we not only have a donation list for you again, but we also will be selling t-shirts to honor both Childhood Cancer Awareness and Super Jace.

There are LOTS of ways to support children who have cancer and their families. We don't ask that you do them all, but that you AT LEAST share our story with those you meet and bring awareness for just how many kids are affected each day.


We've partnered with Kathryn over at Dash of Flair and created a special Childhood Cancer tee that reminds us all that "We Don't Fight Alone" and that everyday 43 kids are diagnosed with childhood cancer.

$4 from each shirt will go to the fund of your choice: Team Connor Or The Jace Poncio Medical Fund.

Kathryn will be taking pre-orders starting now. Please click here to grab your shirt! You can also email her at for questions.

Shirt sizes 3XL and 2XL...........$25
Sizes S, M, L, XL.......................$20
Youth S, M, L..............................$20
Kids 2T, 3T, 4T, 5/6, 7..............$20

We have also teamed up again with fellow co-worker, Carol Lynn and her husband, to bring back the original blue Super Jace t-shirts. We know you've ALL been asking for them for the longest time and that time is now!!!

We've created a pre-order form for you, also. 
Just click this link and fill in your information:
Questions can be sent to

All shirts $20
* For shipping, add $5

We also will be working with our local high school and St. Baldricks to bring more awareness to schools. Be watching our social media sites or here for more information regarding this effort. We are working hard to get information out to you as soon as we've ironed out the details.

In addition, we've been asked to be part of a few events coming up in October including the local health fair put on by the City of Celina which will include a walk.

We will also be working with Team Conner (listed below) and their Color Me Green 5K and Caterpillar Dash.

Please be watching our social media feeds, Jace's page and our personal pages for more information so you can mark your calendar!


And as always we encourage you to donate ANY amount of money to the organizations listed below. The government only gives 5% of funding to childhood cancers. Our children are our future and should be taken care of better than this.

As always we thank you for your continued support, love and prayers.

~The Poncios

Childhood Cancer Donation List

**direct money only to childhood cancer related causes, primarily research

If you'd like to, specifically, help a family whose child is currently undergoing treatment, please email us for more information.   

Visit Charity Navigator to view efficiencies & financial information for many major charities:

Cure Search

Triumph Over Kid Cancer

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation

Alex's Lemonade Stand

Local - Texas
Team Connor

Heroes for Children

Sarcoma specific:
Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative

1 Million 4 Anna


Make A Wish

Hope Kids

Kenna's Kids

Peach's Neet Feet

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Workplace Prayer

To be completely honest, I struggle A LOT in the workplace. My job has me serving multiple buildings and multiple personalities and people. Many times I become the "in-between" person. I don't have the power to make final decisions and usually just carry out what I'm told to do and most often I only hear the complaining of said decisions. 

Because of the big changes in my job this year and not having as much time off in the summer as I usually do, I've been reflecting on my attitude about the coming year and know I need to adjust my thinking. 

I pray a lot to not take things personally. I pray to focus on what I CAN do instead of what I can't. I pray to be respectful of leadership and their decisions even if I don't agree with them and to be patient with those around me. 

The new year hasn't even started and I feel more stressed than ever that I won't be able to fulfill everything that needs to be done. I've had to come up with small boundaries in order to maintain time with my family on my days off so I don't get caught up in the stress when I'm off the clock. 

I searched for a prayer that might work for me and came up empty, so I decided to come up with my own. I thought I would share it just in case I'm not alone. :) 

Dear Lord,

Help me to work for you & to respect authority around me. 
Nudge me to live each day full of honesty & integrity. 
Guide me when faced with trials & tests at my workplace. 
Show me opportunities to bless others & to let YOUR light shine through me. 
Overwhelm my spirit & soul with grace and love for my co-workers. 
Remind me to have an attitude of gratitude & to display patience for others. 
Lead me to opportunities to use the gifts & talents you've given me to serve You. 
I rest daily in the faith I have in You and in the borderless love You have for me.