Friday, November 13, 2015

What Do You Need?

It's usually the same 25 or so people that check in on us and ask "What do you need?" or "How can I help?"  We wish we had a good answer for them. Thankfully, when something crazy comes up like it has the last week with Jace ( update here )  we have a strong support of people around us lifting us up, praying for us, and bringing us meals. 

The past few weeks have definitely thrown us off of our regular routine. One with a concussion, one in the hospital, and then one sick all at the same time wasn't what we expected to be dealing with right now. 

There are many things we are thankful for aside from the strong circle surrounding us. 
It's not a coincidence that I'm in the middle of my 8th year of doing the 40 Days of Thankfulness Challenge. Last year, I had just lost my mom, had to put my dad in a nursing home and had to literally, pick up pieces of their life that were unprepared for all of that change. 
The year before we landed in the hospital with Jace for a 14 day isolation stay. 
I could go on and on. Bottom line is that every time I work at growing my gratitude, I'm greatly challenged to not be thankful. 

Jason and I don't know exactly what our lesson is this time around, but we know there is one. 
We, typically, don't know how to respond when people ask what we need or how they can help. 

Some days it all weighs so heavy on our shoulders. Some days we are too tired to even think. Some days we just want to give up the fight. Some days we just don't know. 

Many of the things that need to be done or taken care of have to be done by us: changing IV, giving meds, driving to the clinic, dealing with work not truly understanding our situation, and sleeping :) 

We WISH that others could do some of those things, but for whatever reason this is our thing to follow God through. 

We aren't giving up, but our hearts are heavy, we are worn, we are tired and most days we are just crying out to him with anything we have left.......