Sunday, November 20, 2016

Operation GIFT CARD Birthday Blog

#40days Day 40: On this 40th day, I'm taking a leap of faith & thanking YOU in advance for helping me continue to leave a legacy of #giving, #goodwill and #gratitude. {keep reading!}

My 40th birthday is in exactly 2 weeks. 

I've been back and forth on what to do to celebrate me but every time I kept thinking of what I could do for others. 

You know if you've followed me for long that #childhoodcancer and #caregivers are dear to my heart. You know in years past we've made contributions in honor of my #adoption, you joined me as I did "a gift to myself" with 36 random acts of kindness #rak and you helped me deliver 50+ caregiver bags on my birthday in 2013 with #operationlove 

#superJace actually helped me with the idea for this year --> 


We want to deliver AT LEAST 40 gift cards to the kids at Jace's clinic {Children's Hospital}. 

One of Jace's FAVORITE things after chemo was being able to go pick out his own toy at a real store after his long day of infusions. He most often went with his mask on and me sheltering him from any possible germ but his face and smile were always worth it when he walked out proudly with a small toy. 

See, those of us that have walked the path of incredibly ill children don't take even a quick visit to a store for granted because we know how impossible it can be to do with immune deficient kids. 

We know that many kids get to pick out toys while at the clinic and many of them are delivered toys by many other organizations but we wanted to give them the freedom to pick out something they really love. 

So $5 or $10 cards will work! It need not be expensive to make a HUGE impact on their day. 
You can deliver the cards to me or mail them to me at PO BOX 6, Celina, Tx 75009
We will be delivering the cards on Dec 7, so that gives you some time to pick one up and get it to us! 
Thank you in advance for helping us! We couldn't make a difference this big without your help! 

#gratitude #grateful #thankful #thankfulness

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